Corporate Christ: Lives Less Ordinary

Corporate ChristLGBT musician and author Corporate Christ releases a documentary he made with Kalto Films about life growing up with depression and Schizophrenia. He was bullied as a teenager, developed a drug problem and ended up with Ulcerative Colitis, a bowel disease that nearly killed him, Corporate Christ explains how he took strength by the experiences he went through rather than despair at his endless misfortune.

Corporate Christ – 8 Hours Closer

In 2017, Corporate Christ released the video for “8 Hours Closer”. It is a song that documents the struggle he encountered after the suicide of Fred Derf, his ex-boyfriend. Following this was an extended period of insomnia that he needed sedative medication in order to get any rest. The song is taken from the Synthpop EP, “Adam Kadmon: When The Heart Implodes”. Track listing below:

  • 8 Hours Closer:
  • The Note:
  • Cabaret: 
  • Zyklon B:
  • Valentine’s Day: